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The Artwork of Carol J Cohn
Recently at the 73 See Gallery in Montclair 




MARCH 11 TO MAY 13, 2018





About Carol J Cohn

A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, Carol J Cohn is was the founder of the renonowed SummerArt program at the Montclair Art Museum while serving as the Director if the Yard School of Art. She is also a published commercial illustrator and her work most recently appeared in the May 2017 edition of New Jersey Family Law.  

The irony of a late in life divorce after a long marriage comes not with the frantic search for a partmer or procreation, which occupies so much of our youth - but with the search for deeper meaning and connection with what comes next, with or without a partner.  This chapter of my life and the work in this exhibit reflects my search for deeper meaning and learning to live in the present - Carol J Cohen.




 About "Rising in the Ashes"


This unique exhibit, recently at the 73 See Gallery in Montclair, is coming to The Jewish Museum of New Jersey on Sunday, March 11th.  A description of the exhibit follows:
Carol J Cohn's solo exhibit "Rising From The Ashes" is a sixteenth month watershed in her life that has produced a remarkably, poignant body of work sure to arouse emotion, thought and possibly transformation.
Where upon Carol J Cohn and her husband of twenty seven years decided to divorce, Cohn’s therapist suggested she call upon her creativity to process the closing of this chapter of her life. What emerged is an ever growing body of work exploring the the daily emotional roller coaster of divorce.
This has resulted in a remarkably prolific eighteen month watershed in her life that has produced a poignant body of work sure to arouse emotion, thought and impetus for the viewers own transformation. This exhibit was curated from more than 80 works produced during this period enabling the visitor to join in and follow the transitions in her perception over the course of these tumultuous months. 


Please join us in recognition of the deep "no holds barred" freedom to realize depth that Carol J Cohn has allowed herself to tap. The uncensored range of feelings that emerge in her works are both universal and kind. With her skillful hand she has created powerful, engaging works touching on universal themes from softly buzzing tensions, wrenching grips of conflict, to humanizing acknowledgment of growth and acceptance. The works are drawings in graphite, ink and mixed media and each emits a quiet intensity of profound and ongoing self-awareness.